I am an aspiring, self-taught photographer from Brooklyn, New York. Starting with an old camera i was handed before leaving for a trip to South America. I lived in Chile for 'round about 9 months where I practiced more and began to really enjoy photography. I became a Flickr addict after I moved to Valparaiso, Chile from Santiago, Chile. With constant practice I improved and still enjoy it to this day. 

Shooting street photography day and night in NYC.  While visiting my sister in Paris, i met a young women, a dancer and model at a cafe, Natasha. She asked if I would shoot with her. Made a great friend and learned about model/portrait photography. Love shooting pictures of people.

I continue to shoot and post images of jazz artist friends of mine on Instagram to help promote their gigs, events, or upcoming albums. There are shots of Kelly Green and many other up and coming jazz cats and other artists from Paris to New York. Sofia Sarlat is another of the jazz vocalists I've enjoyed shooting for live while singing, and in photo shoots around New York City. 

https://www.clickasnap.com/ FINE ART (uncensored model) work on my Flickr page. Also find me on Instagram

Brooklyn, NY 11231
+1 917-974-2731

whatsapp  as well